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Reorder Debit Card

Reorder your lost or stolen debit card today. Card will be reordered upon approval.

Our New Site

We hope our new website helps you bank more efficiently with 1st National Bank. If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to call us at anytime.

Fraud Alert

Some 1st National Bank customers have been receiving automated calls purporting to be from MasterCard asking for information, including a PIN. If you receive a call, please respond to our Fraud Center at 580-822-3300 or contact 1st National Bank.

Certificates of Deposit

A great way to save money is by way of Certificates of Deposits.

Types of Certificates offered:

  • 1 Month Certificate
  • 3 Month Certificate
  • 6 month Certificate
  • 1 Year Certificate
  • 1 ½ Year Certificate
  • 2-4 Year Certificate
  • 5 Year Certificate


  • 2 forms of ID required to open account ( 1 must be a photo ID)
  • $1,000.00 minimum balance required to open


  • Compounding and Crediting Interest.  Interest will be compounded and credited to your account monthly.
  • Free TeleWeb
  • FreeTelabank


  • APY (Annual Percent Yield) is based on monthly compounding
  • Substanial penalty for early withdraw
  • 10 day grace period to cash in a certificate
  • Interest will begin to accure on the business day you deposit non cash items ( Ex. checks)


  • Daily Balance: The amount of  principal in the account each day.
  • The Average Daily Balance is calculated by adding the principal in the account each day of the period and dividing that figure by the number of days in that period.
  • The interest rate and annual percentge yield may change after account opening.

For more information about current rates or conditions. please contact us at 580-822-3300